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Decrease the threshold of the split area

Is there a possible way to decrease the area of the splitter when it is auto populated, maybe by a percentage? I notice that although this tool is really awesome, I sometimes have to crop the splitter area even further on each photo because if I save I get long white lines down the sides of the photo.

This is usual because the photo is not entirely straight, there is a tear, uneven edges, etc but it'd be nice to set it so it crops it a little smaller than normal so I never have to adjust it when scanning large archives.
Hello Travis. Thanks for the feedback. Please see Options/Preferences/Calibration tab.
There is a Crop Tightness entry that you can decrease (make it -1 or -2% or even lower) to cut the splits more tightly.

Gracias! that did the trick
Great news. Have a nice day :)
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