Scan multiple photos then split, crop and straighten them automatically

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Multiple photo scanning software

Multiple photo scanning software - save to individual files Stop worrying about your photo collection! Secure it against loss, theft, acts of nature. Photos fade out with time - but not when they are digital! You are here probably because you have already started to scan in your photo collection or you are contemplating the idea. It is a long and painful process without some kind of help. Scan photos, crop them, waste time finding the right angle to straighten the skewed photo - it all takes a lot of effort. AutoSplitter was invented and designed to simplify scanning process of pictures.

Multiple photos can be scanned at once with this Windows untility. Pictures will be recognized automatically and you can save them instantly to individual files. You also have the option to adjust or highlight photographs one-by-one manually. Software requirements are simple:
* a PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
* any kind of flatbed scanner

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