Scan multiple photos then split, crop and straighten them automatically

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This photo scanning software will scan multiple photos at once, then separate and crop them automatically to help you finish scanning all your photos.

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Multiple photo scanning software for WindowsScan multiple photos then separate & crop automatically faster than ever!
Photo scanning guide - 4 different methods of photo scanning.
new feature: batch process pre-scanned images in 2016: Extract all individual photos from multiple pre-scanned photos at once.

Automatic separate, crop multiple photos. Save divided images to disc.  
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See animation and video and understand this application in 30 seconds. Designed for flatbed scanners, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Intel Mac OS with Windows.
Multiple photo scanning software to help you finish scanning all your family photos.
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Thousands of users from 60+ countries enjoy AutoSplitter v1.7.9.
Just a quick note to congratulate you on a wonderful piece of software. Intuitive and well thought out.
Lee C.
Fast and Accurate. I am processing about 1 scan per minute with my scanner being the drag. The software is very quick. This is an incredible time-saver. Thank-you for building it. Keep it simple, keep it quick.
Tim R.
AutoSplitter batch scanning software received clean and safe award from Softpedia
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Best way to scan photos in bulk

Scan multiple photos at once - auto crop scanned photos

How to split a photo that has multiple photos in one? This software knows the answer. How can I batch scan photos, crop them and save individually? Autosplitter remarkably simplifies the process of scanning, separating and cropping multiple photographs at once. Just place your photographs in your scanner, scan them with AutoSplitter and this utility will recognize individual images automatically. This is called batch or gang scanning. Photographs will be detected by the software, split into separate output images. AutoSplitter will also deskew your photos. Of course you can adjust the clipping and rotation manually if you wish.

Scan multiple photos at once and this utility will separate them
Feature list
Bulk scanning software feature list
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Several file formats
AutoSplitter can save cropped and scanned photos to GIF format Auto crop scanned photos and save them to individual JPG files Photo scanning software AutoSplitter offers TIF output for cropped images PNG format is also available after splitting batch scanned images

All popular file formats supported. Open BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF images.

Crop and save scanned photos in JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF formats. DPI information saved (or carried over) for all file formats carrying DPI information.

A quick rundown on file formats:
JPEG files are small, but lossy. They are good for storage, since they don't take up too much space, but the image information is not 100% intact.
TIF files are compressed 24bit file format. TIF is a lossless format to preserve all image information without change in quality. Compared to JPEG these files are quite large.
PNG files are a good middle ground between JPEG and TIF. They are lossless, but not so large.
GIF files have limited amount of colors. The file size is small, but the image quality is severely compromised. Avoid saving photos in this format.

Why batch scanning software is good for you?

Save time with multiple photo scanning software AutoSplitter
AutoSplitter saves a LOT of time and hassle for you. Ever tried separating, cropping and straightening your scanned photographs by yourself? It takes a lot of time and effort to do that.

I'm sure you have a lot of precious photographs to digitize, but you just could not bring yourself to scan and edit all these images. This is your chance to catch up with that task! AutoSplitter is the best way to scan photos in bulk.

See this article about benefits.

This photo scanning software is probably the safest and most cost-efficient way to bulk scan photographs. For a one time licensing fee, you can batch scan unlimited amount of photos.

Multi photo splitter, photo crop software

Bulk scan family photographs and auto crop
Family photos collecting dust? Almost every family has got lots of old family photographs lying around in boxes, cupboards and yellowed albums. Your kids and grandchildren must see them when they grow up! Save these photos for eternity, scan them! With AutoSplitter, you can scan multiple photos to individual files quickly and easily. Forget the annoying hassle with image editors, this utility knows how to separate multiple scanned photos.

AutoSplitter has a unique feature which offers batch extraction of photos from any number of pre-scanned images. Have you scanned your collection already? Do you have multiple photos in one image? Then this software is just right for you. Sip a cup of coffee while the software processes all the cropping, then overview and adjust the results.

Save time scanning your photos

Fastest way to batch scan photos
Your time is precious, do not waste it cropping photos in an image editor. Scan your family photographs with AutoSplitter and save lots of time - this software will greatly simplify the process of cutting out, straightening your photos from the scanned image.

Image detection performance has been improved several times over the years of development. Even for huge 1200 DPI photos, auto-detection and cropping will take just a few seconds. If you need to adjust photos manually, the software is well suited to help you. Easily resize or rotate the detection frames with your mouse, then save all photos quickly. You can rotate images in 90 degree steps in just one click. It's all for your convenience.

Secure your memories

Auto crop family photos scanned in bulk
People nowadays take photos in unprecedented, ever increasing numbers. But almost all these digital photos are going to get lost in a few years. You and/or your kids might not have anything to show to their kids. You're really lucky to have real, physical photographs at your hands, but these are also vulnerable. They yellow out, get lost during moves. Scan them and save the images to a cloud storage so they will never get lost. Family photos are irreplaceable - once lost, you will never recover them. Digitizing your photo collection is the best way to make sure these valuable memories will be preserved for your kids and grandchildren. This Windows application provides great help in bulk scanning and securing these images quickly.
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