Scan multiple photos then split, crop and straighten them automatically

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Batch scanning will speed up your photograph scans

Scan and crop multiple photos at once with this Windows utility Read the article on pros and cons of different photo scanning methods. As you can see, you have several options if you want to scan your old family photos. They are all different, some methods are fast, some are expensive. The fastest way to digitize your photos is to do the task for yourself, scanning multiple photos at once with the help of a software utility. This is also the least risky and most private method. Your images won't get lost during shipping, foreign people will not see your private moments and pictures.

It is called batch scanning when you put many photos at once on the scanner's document window. It's advisable to put these photos against the edges of the document window to make sure they are well aligned. That will make the photo cropping so much easier. Getting the photos into your computer is the easy part. Separating them is another story and it will take the most of your time. That's why AutoSplitter has been created. Taking out the pain from batch scanning and multicropping is what this Windows utility can offer for you.

Ever started to digitize your old family photos and given up? I had, and I did. You don't have to give up, just try AutoSplitter and see how big difference it makes.
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Download AutoSplitter now!