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Automated account recovery
Enter your PAYPAL email address OR FastSpring order number or email address used for FastSpring purchase (if applicable) to recover your account.

If you have purchased directly through PayPal (not using FastSpring), then the registration email has been sent to your email address registered with PayPal. Please check that mailbox and/or enter that email address in the form below.

If you have never accessed your license yet, the license link will appear in this webpage, otherwise the registration email is going to be sent out again. Don't forget to check your spam folder. Don't forget to check your PayPal email address too, if that is different from your mailbox you regularly use.
Email address used for registration:

Enter your PayPal account's email address if you have purchased directly through PP, not through FastSpring

FastSpring order number:

FastSpring order numbers are displayed in all order confirmation emails and start with "AUT"

If automated recovery is not successful, please open a support ticket here.
If you receive no reply for your email, contact us via Facebook.