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Why we offer Money Back Guarantee for AutoSplitter?

Money back guarantee on AutoSplitter Because we realize that it's a difficult decision to purchase this software. You cannot produce results without watermarks until you register, but you don't know if it's worth registering until you have devoted lots of time to scanning. Of course you won't put hours of work into wartermarked results.

User feedback indicates above 90% recognition rate when following the basic guidelines of photograph scanning. Therefore we offer you a money back guarantee in case you are not happy with your results. Please play around with the calibration options and/or email me a few photos if you experience inaccurate photo recognition.

Money back guarantee - no questions asked
Should you be unhappy with the software, just contact us within 14 calendar days of the purchase and request a refund. Guarantee offer is only meant for users who have successfully installed the software and are dissatisfied with the software's results. To avoid misunderstandings, this software was made for: Submit a support ticket if you wish to get help with calibrating your AutoSplitter for better results or if you want to claim your refund.

To recover your lost license, visit our automated recovery page.

If you are happy with this guarantee, then please go ahead and register your copy now!
Download AutoSplitterDownload AutoSplitter now!