Scan multiple photos then split, crop and straighten them automatically

You privacy is important for AutoSplitter
Email address
First of all: your email address is NEVER sold or given to third parties for any purposes. (Purchasing requires the use of an email address which is stored by both the website and PayPal or FastSprint for communication purposes. See PayPal & FastSpring section below for more details.)
By purchasing the program you agree to receive automated and non-automated email messages from the author about AutoSplitter or other products created by the author. You can opt out- and in of automated messages anytime by visiting your Customer Care Center (permanent link received upon purchase). Here's how your private data handled in various processes during browsing and purchase: Website
All access to the website is logged into a database. The goal of data logging is to monitor webtraffic, web referrals and download statistics. Website access data is never disclosed to third parties. Website is hosted by which is a British company. Website is physically located and hosted in Missouri, St Louis, US. The website uses Google Anaylitics to collect usage statistics. does not employ cookies other than temporal session cookies. The website is server over HTTPS protocol.
Privacy policy of Webfaction

AutoSplitter Software & Installer
AutoSplitter software is a Windows executable which does not record any personal data about you. None. Never. The software keeps track of total scanning rounds performed in an .ini file in order to provide better tutorial and guide experience for novice users. This data is not leaving your computer. Upon removal of the software, an optional feedback form pops up. Should you choose to reply, your answer will invoke a webpage and the reply will anonymously be stored for statistical recount. The software is digitally signed with a code signing certificate to ensure safety of the software and certify authorship. The software is DRM free, which means there are no technical solutions employed inside the software to prevent or track down piracy.

PayPal & FastSpring
License is purchased via a 3rd party company - a payment processor. This company collects your payment and the personal data necessary for the purchase. For EU customers, FastSpring is the only available payment processor. For other locations, PayPal is also available. Upon purchase, your email address and country/address/name data submitted to payment processor is copied into the AutoSplitter database in order to provide data for licensing, invoicing and statistical reasons. Your credit card and other payment information NEVER reaches in any shape or form. These information stays held at the payment processor.
See PayPal's privacy statement for more info.
For purchases made through FastSpring:
See FastSpring's privacy statement for more info.
I will NEVER ask for your payment details. Should you receive such an inquiry, do not disclose your data.

Data handler
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