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About the company
Chimera Creative Studio was founded in 2004, European Union. Our profile consists of various Windows desktop utilites and business applications. AutoSplitter is one of those utilities. It has been released in spring of 2013. By the end of the year we have had hundreds of customers from 35 countries all over the globe.

The story of AutoSplitter in a nutshell

I'm Zoltan Peter, founder and CEO of Chimera Creative Studio. Here's how this product started. My mother lent me a huge cardboard box full of family relics last summer. Mostly old photographs. Some of those were so interesting, funny or precious that I could not resist to purchase a scanner and started to digitize the best of the lot. The scanner software supplied by the equipment manufacturer turned out to be less than helpful. Scanning multiple photographs at once was not productive. The software failed to recognize and divide the images far too often. It also took multiple passes to scan images. To sum it up: scanning took a lot of time and I still had to process the results manually, as the automatic splitter was horrible. It was obvious that there was a place for better software and I had to code it. Hundreds of photographs are yet to be scanned. Now that AutoSplitter is completed, I will have to borrow the cardboard box again.

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Download AutoSplitterDownload AutoSplitter now!