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User testimonials

The software is brilliant. I have scanned more photos in the last 3 days than I have in the last 3 years :)
Craig W.
I cannot tell you how much your Autosplitter software means to me. It works very well, and it is saving me so much time over the commercial process I was using.
Jack A.
Fast and Accurate. I am processing about 1 scan per minute with my scanner being the drag. The software is very quick. This is an incredible time-saver. Thank-you for building it. Keep it simple, keep it quick.
Tim R.
I needed the software exactly for the same reason like You in Your story did. I took a bunch (some hundred photos) from my parents lately and scanned them for me and my children in the future. Now I have a tool to split them quite fast, very useful.
Mariusz T.
Just a quick note to congratulate you on a wonderful piece of software. Intuitive and well thought out.
Lee C.
My wife and I have both purchased AutoSplitter for use in 2 different settings and we both agree that this is the best, most easy-to-use piece of software that we have ever used (and not just for splitting photos)!
Lyle N.
Autosplitter is perfect! I just digitised 277 photos in 45 minutes! Thanks!
Robin P.
I've been looking for a while for a good software for scanning and cropping multiple images and AutoSplitter seems to have the best algorithm
Lucas Y.
You saved me a tonne of time - almost every batch of photos was split perfectly. I just finished scanning 62 pictures in under 30 minutes. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Sanjay S.
There are many scanning services that will do that for you but they are expensive ($0.25 and up per picture) and the thought of mailing our pictures somewhere and them getting lost was a concern. I got through ~200 pictures in a little over 2.5 hours.
Leonard S.
I cropped 3700 photos in few hours! Thank you for making such a great useful program and support.
Marek P.
Autosplitter is an exceptional program and was very user friendly.
Richard K.
"...much faster than Photoshop"
Hal L.
The program is much faster than Photoshop :-)
Martin M.
The program is really really good - well done - its simple and it works. Thanks for saving me hours of work!
Damien F.
Great piece of kit, I have tried them all I think & yours is the best. I have scanned over a 1000 old photos now & have put them on the TV for my mother who has dementia. She recognises some of her old family & wedding photos. Your program saved a lot of time & is easy to use.
Andy B.
I am doing a reunion Memory Book of updates and wanted to include the graduation picture from the annual for each entry. I dreaded figuring out how to scan and copy all of those pictures (300ish). With your app it was a breeeze to scan.
Carol F. has radicalised my scanning. Whereas before I would tire of scanning after 10 or 20 photos, I am now whizzing through my stash at around 100 photos in the same time. And the scanned images are very good quality.
Jennie F.
Bought your program today. Must say I am happily surprised. Worked better than I had hoped for. Great job! Saved me hours and hours of work. Thanks!
Joakim C. our line of work we need to scan hundreds of photos in a day, and many times we need to perform colour correction etc. This used to be incredibly time consuming, but ever since we purchased AutoSplitter we can batch scan and correct with ease which leaves us able to perform more detailed retouching work and focus more on the other much needed services... I have also been impressed with the continuity of the bug fixes and updates, and cannot say thank you enough for creating such a wonderfully easy to use and effective program.
Hayley A.
I wanted to thank you as AutoSplitter has been an amazing product thus far. I have been able to successfully scan in over 1800 photos in a few days.
Evan H.
Its a great program that makes digitizing family photos much easier. I'v probably done 2,000+ photos.
Rob E.
This was the greatest purchase I have made in a while! It works just as described, providing all the features that were most important to me when I was preparing to embark on digitizing several hundred family photos of all shapes and sizes and varying image qualities. Easy to install and easy to learn how to use. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!
John C.
I just wanted to tell you that AutoSplitter saved the day. I was asked to scan in a large stack of photos for a friend's funeral. I first downloaded the software from the manufacturer of my scanner. I could not even get it to recognize my scanner! I downloaded the trial version of AutoSplitter and it worked perfectly the first time. I immediately purchased it and with a short amount of time, I had scanned and saved all of the photos. Thank you so much!
Chad A.
I just tried your AutoSplitter software and then purchased a Gold copy. VERY nicely done! I have written software (for documents creation) so I know it's a fair amount of work (at least up front)! Your AutoSplitter app is really well done, IMO. It is super easy to use - works for at least 90% of my scanned pages (so far). Even those that it did not recognize (not many) it was easy to add a split on review. Each feature I want is there and there is not so much other "stuff" that it is intuitive to use. IOW, it's got the right features (for me) without being overly complicated. You're saving me a bunch of time and I just wanted to give you feedback and say thanks!
Rebecca C.
Thank you. Your product is exactly what I needed. I've scanned over 400 old photos so far at a quality that at least equals what I would have had with a 3rd party service.
Peter G.
Overall, this software is amazing. The family photos will now be safe for future generations.
Lisa H.