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Scan old photos to digital in Walgreens

Old family photos waiting to be digitized Every family has got lots of old photos - copy them to your computer. Some people look for the best photo scanning service and choose to scan these photos at Walgreens or digitize photos in Costco. What can you expect when scanning at Walgreens:

Easier way of scanning photos: AutoSplitter

Instead of Walgreens, scan photos with this software
We have a better idea. Scan your photos with AutoSplitter photo scanning software. If you have any kind of flatbed scanner, you are lucky. This software can speed up photo scanning by a LOT. You can load multiple photos into your scanner at once - typically 3-5 photos will fit in. Then you click scan and all these photos will be automatically separated and cropped into individual files. Some nice features you can enjoy:

Digitize photos in a simple way

Rotate output scans quickly See this very short demonstration video below. As you can see, when scanning finishes, photos are automatically selected and cut out from the scanned image. Then the user rotates to the correct alignment on the right hand panel to have all photos upright. Colors are automatically improved, just compare the left hand panel - which shows the scanned image as-is - and the right hand panel's splits. They look so much better. "Save all" button writes all these images to disc and you're ready to grab the next batch of photos for scanning.

This is just the default mode of operation. There are several scanning modes available. Various photo scanning methods available
Do you still want to digitize your old photos in Walgreens? AutoSplitter is available for all Windows systems (including Win Macs), get your copy by clicking below:
Instead of Walgreens, scan photos with this software
Download AutoSplitterDownload AutoSplitter now!