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Best way to scan photos

Do you want to know what is the best way to scan photos? Actually, it depends. If you have a flatbed scanner and a bit of free time then you can start scanning old photos immediately. If your budget is higher and you're not afraid to let go of your old photos, then you should probably use a photo digitizing service. Digitizing photos in the comfort and safety of your home is a great idea. But how do you do that quickly and efficiently? Use a photo scanning software of course. This software scans several old photos at once from your flatbed scanner and separates them to individual photos. These photos will also be automatically post-processed by digital image enhancement algorithms to get rid of fade. Your photos will be revived to let you enjoy them in good quality.
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I'll quickly tell you why AutoSplitter is the best way to digitize old photos. These features all help you to scan old photos without hassle.

Scanning images

Open prescanned images

Detection and cropping of photos

best way to scan photos: AutoSplitter

Simple transformations

Fine tuning options

Automatic retouching

Image formats and saving

easy to use - scan old photos The software is easy to use - there are several video tutorials and sample images included to help you learn. Download and check out AutoSplitter photo scanning software now.
Download AutoSplitter photo scanning software
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