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Planned updates for AutoSplitter

This entry is about the future of AutoSplitter. What is my current approach to the development of the product and why. Find out here.
Source: Youtube
Published @ 2013-08-31
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How to archive your photos

Scanned all your old family photos with AutoSplitter? Great, now save them for eternity. Unfortunately, eternity is a very, very long period. How to secure your photos then?...
Published @ 2013-08-24
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Customer Care Center rollout

Already a customer wishing to upgrade? Send me an email to claim your most recent install kit... No longer!...
Published @ 2013-08-17
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Make your own "Then and now" image

In recent years, Then and Now photos have gained great popularity. You can make yours! All you need is a couple of old photos - pick your favorite - which you should scan. ...
Published @ 2013-08-10
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Welcome to AutoSplitter scanning blog

Welcome, dear reader. You are reading my little blog about scanning, archiving photos and all related topics. I'll try to be short, simple, easy to understand....
Published @ 2013-08-01
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