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I would like to see scanner driver UI

The scanner has large surface. It can scan all surface at 591 dpi. I would like to scan only A3 size. It can do it at 600dpi using other software.
Now I get error when I choose 600dpi: "The higher resolution is 591 dpi". I would like to see the drivers UI to reduce the scan area to A3. Do I miss something?
Hello. Thanks for your feedback. There is no option to use the scanner's UI. You can try both WIA and TWAIN interfaces at 600 (if both are available), maybe one will work while the other doesn't.
I'm afraid WIA and TWAIN, both don't allow 600dpi for full surface. It's a hardware limitation. My only option is to scan the photos from another software and open them in AutoSplitter?
Yes, that is the only option in this case.
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