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First, I love this product so far, saving me tons of time, but I think I'm doing something wrong when I do batch folder detection. after the auto scan completes I get the Review batch window, select a scan and I sometimes see a few auto-recognized pics within the scanned section, but usually its been 1 pic recognized on a sheet with 6 pics for example. That said when I look at the raw auto-recognized pics folder/directory its got 6 saved auto-recognized and cut out pics saved? How come the review batch window doesn't show the same as whats in the output directory or how can I make it function like that?

I hope that makes sense its hard to describe.

Hello Fuad. Thanks for your feedback.

Do you mean that the program recognizes 6 photos from a single image file, saves all 6 but only shows 1 of them when you select and open the image in the batch panel?

If you delete individual detected images after the batch has completed, the image files will remain on the disk, but your complaint refers to something else. Some of the photos are missing from the detection, but exist on the disk, right?

Do you have the same photo scanned several times in different images? The photo might be detected some of the time but might stay undetected in other cases and that's why you see this discrepancy. Is this possible? The filename of the detected output images should point you to the name of the input file and might help to decide if this is the case.

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