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Windows 10 Home in S Mode

I only have a Chromebook, but I'm considering buying a Windows laptop to hook up to the scanner to scan multiple generations worth of photos. It looks like you have a great product and I'm buying this PC specifically for your product. It looks like this S mode will only download software from the Microsoft store. I looked but didn't see your product there. It is a pretty crappy store (MS)...
LMK If I should look for a different PC. Also, I will want to get a version that doesn't have any watermarks or anything on it so is there additional fees or can I just make a contribution With Google Pay or something.
Hello, thanks for your feedback. I recommend you try the software somewhere before yout buy a PC for it :) S mode can be disabled, but it's a permanent decision, see this page.
Any license you buy is a permanent license and will disable watermarks forever.

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