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Takes hours to start, to load photos and to save splits

I was working fine on a previous version. While working, we suffered a power failure. After that, the previous version wouldn't start after hours of "app starting." I removed AutoSplitter and installed v 1.14.10. It would start within an hour or so, then let me do a split (though adding new ones took a really long time, then took hours and did not save the splits. I loaded version 1.14.6 and have a similar issue. I'm working my way back through older versions to see if it gets better, but could it be some setting that got "stuck" in the power outage? Somehow when I uninstall and reinstall, it still remembers the folders I was working retrieving from and saving to.
Hello Bryan. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is very strange. Exit the program and open this folder (using Start menu / Run or Windows File Explorer): %AppData%/Chimera/AutoSplitter
This will show the software's folder. Delete bank5 subfolder (if exists) and AutoSplitter.ini
These can probably cause such issues if something is broken.

FYI, I installed version 1.14.0 and it seems to be doing everything I need without any issues. Thanks!
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