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not auto save splits

Hello .. what would be the setting so that the program does not automatically save the suggested split images .. I am scanning album pages with tight spacing and there is a lot of manual to do .. would prefer it not to auto save the suggested splits
Hello, thanks for your feedback. What do you mean by autosaving? Standard scanning and individual file processing does not autosave anything to disk. If you want to stop autodetection (no splits created), you can do that:
Options / Preferences / Calibration / uncheck Split automatically checkbox.

When I open it in batch mode with several album pages at a time it saves all the splits…..then I have to delete them. If wrong.
I see. The option I recommended before does work even during batch mode, please try it and tell me if it's not working as you expected. It will not detect and therefore won't save anything, but if you expect a lot of manual work, then it's probably not the worst.
thank you for your help .. yes turning that off does not create the splits .. I understand that it could be helpful though .. another question .. the purpose of this is to create a memorial slide show .. with either the date or comment, would there be a way somehow use this to help sort the photos in some kind of order ... ie even if date being say 2010 .. I could not see a way in the file properties to see how the date and comment could be used to help put them into some kind of chronological order
The date and comment are stored inside the output image file in EXIF or similar metadata format. I'm sure there is some software that helps you categorize or sort images based on EXIF metadata, but I don't know such software.
The only way you can sort these files by date is putting the date at the start of the filename in yyyy-mm-dd order, that would help to get it sorted chronologically when you short by filename.
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