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The HP Photosmart 5510 series was not found.

The software is unable to scan with this scanner.
When I tell the program to scan an error window with the title "HP TWAIN" comes up with the message "The HP Photosmart 5510 series was not found.".
The scanner is working and the scan worked with the HP Smart software.
I am on the trial version and wanted to buy the software.
Hello, thanks for the feedback. Can you choose the same scanner as WIA scanner? Click the Scan/DPI button and see the scanner dropdown menu wheter you have this scanner with WIA label as well. Try to scan with that one, if available.
I suggest updating the scanner drivers, it might also help if the WIA trick does not work.
Hello Péter,
I can not select the scanner as "WIA scanner" and the printer has no driver updates available sadly. Anything else possible, that I can do?
Thank you
Hello. HP has suggestions for this error message, I'm not sure if this helps. See HP support link.
Sadly the only thing the post says is to activate the "Windows Image Acquisition" service, which is already active and running on my machine :c
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