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How to move scanned photo's

Once I scan and save photons I would likecto move them around. Such reasons as categorizing or dates. Is there a process to do this?
Thank you.
Where can I see your technical reply?
Hello Alan. I'm sorry about the very late reply. I've looked into EXIF and IPTC metadata formats to find out if adding category flags is possible at all. I'll add some kind of tagging option in the future, because I really like the idea.

AutoSplitter is made for scanning and cropping photographs. Categorizing files is an entirely different feature set. There are photo organizing softwares made for this task. AutoSplitter can help categorization by letting you add metadata captions.

If you add comments (metadata captions) to the photos saved by AutoSplitter, you will be able to use Windows File Explorer to filter your photos based on these captions. That might be helpful to aid any kind of categorization effort.

Photos that have been saved without metadata captions (or wrong captions) can also be edited by Windows. To change the metadata captions simply right click the image and select Properties dialog / Details tab. You can edit the captions in there (change the entry named Title).

See the images attached for further explanation. I've added comments to the images. Second image is captioned "frankfurt". I can find the image using the Windows File manager's search box when I enter "frankfurt" into the search tab.
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