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Scanned image zoom?

I would like to zoom in scanned image to add a new photo with precision. Is this possible?
Pop up Zoom Window is good idea, but my mouse makes huge steps. It's very hard to be precise!
It's also hard to make the first point precise. Because Zoom Window is not yet showned.
Hello. If you doubleclick the split in the scanned image panel (left side of screen), you will see finetune clipping dialog. (this is also accessible through right click if you enable expert menu mode) You can finetune the split here, altough it's not so comfortable to use, and you need to add a split first.
I know about finetune dialog. It's a good idea. But it can not replace zoom option. I would kindly ask to consider this as a feature request.
Also I would like to suggest adding a button to "auto split again". Sometimes I mess with the splits and I want to reset the whole page!
Hello. Thanks for the feedback, I've added these to the feature requests list.
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