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Program will not start

Autosplitter worked perfectly fine for about 2 months, but now it no longer executes. All I see is a screen message: Autosplitter is loading...

My scanner is properly connected and works with other programs.
I also tried deleting the original version and reinstalling, and that doesn't solve the problem.
Hello David

Strange... did you use batch detection mode? There is a chance that the data for the batch mode got damaged and this causes the problem with the launch. Even reinstall might not delete the files.
Open a Windows File Explorer, go to %appdata%\Chimera\AutoSplitter\ and if there is a folder named bank5 or similar, delete it and try to start the program.

I may have used batch detection mode. Unfortunately there are subfolders of any kind in %appdata%\Chimera\AutoSplitter\
Hmm, maybe you need to delete the whole %appdata%\Chimera\AutoSplitter\ folder and all its subfolders after uninstalling the software, and then reinstall.
That did the trick. Thanks for your quick help!
Hello Donald. That's great news, have a nice day :)
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