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Scanned Tiff Files very small

I am doing an eval of the product.
I am trying to scan photos at 4800 DPI to Tiff. The outputted files are about 100-200k. The original picture are about 4x6.
I want the output to be at the original size.
In ifranview, the 'original size' shows as 177 x 239 Pixels (1.35)
When I look at the 'File Format', All I see is to set to 'tiff', not to original, or set a specific size.
Scanning Quality is 'Custom' and I set it to 4800
I have Windows 11 with an Epson V800
What am I doing wrong?
Appreciate any input as I have a lot of photos to scan and would rather load up and auto crop, then do it manually.
Hello. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure what is wrong, sometimes scans don't work at the requested resolution, but scan at a low 150-300 DPI instead. What happens if you scan at 600-1200 DPI?
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