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metadata issues

My settings are such that I do not use a caption on my photo but I do update metadata only along with the Google Photos metadata checkmark checked.

Ever since I have started entering old dates such as 1930-02-01 about 15% of my photos have either the description, date or both stripped when it get uploaded to Google Photos. It is quite frustrating and my photos are seen as current photos thought they were taken many years ago.

I am very careful to check the formatte date after I manually enter the date in your app. I have looked at the metadata on one of the pictures that gave me problems on Google on my pc and sure enough there was metada issues.

Can you look into this bug? scab 6-8 photos on the scanner bed at a time and mark them with old dates and then upload to Google photos. Try a sample of 40 pics. I suspect a few will give you problems.
Hello Ken. I've tried to reproduce this and failed. Unless we count that GP randomly refuses to upload 1 or 2 pictures per batch. However... I've opened several prescanned images from my test set and added captions+metadata to them. After then I've reviewed each one and all metadata was in place. Except for one. But then I realized that one was a false positive detection I have deleted during batch review. But batch review never deletes a physical file, so that unprocessed junk image was left there without metadata - since I have never added metadata to it. Could this be the case with you as well?

If your issue is different, can you please give me some further details?
1) "stripped when uploaded to GP" - does this mean the original image file still does have the metadata, but GP does not recognize it during upload?
2) "looked at the metadata on one of the pictures that gave me problems on Google on my pc and sure enough there was metada issues." - does this mean that metadata is unreadable or missing when you open that file with some 3rd party image viewer? In this case I need further details - which software is it and does it show any error messages?
My settings are
Under File Format
Jpeg 95%
Complete metadata (DPI+Meta tags) selected in dropdown
Save actions to IPTC tags checked
Under captioning, I do not include date into caption
Under Base filenames I now use KB under Basename

I'd like to send a picture that was processed by AutoSplitter if I could. This should provide you with good info. (just found out how to upload a photo). The attached photo was not downloaded from Google Photos. I simply uploaded it to Google Photos.

I don't use this program in batch mode. I scan several pictures and the files are dropped by your program in a folder where I later upload to Google Photos. That is my process.
YES! Thanks a lot! Not sure how it escaped my attention. I'm so sorry. When dates are not included in the caption AND the caption is empty, the date won't be saved into the metadata :( I've added 2 years to your software license for reporting this bug. I will fix it immediately.
v1.13.4 has been released, it should be working fine now.
Thanks for your quick reply and the extension to software upgrade limit.
The changes you made made a huge improvement. I have scanned about 92 pictures tonight. When I don't know the date of a photo I enter 1900-01-01 on your app as the date. This way I can revisit this specific and update as necessary.

Most of the time I enter 1900 and the formatted date becomes 1/1/1900. A number of them that I upload onto Google Photos become 1969-xx-yy (I don't remember the month/date. It is not Jan 1)

I'll upload two photos that I have had to change the date on Google Photos. These photos were last touched by your app - not Google Photos.

Thanks again. I know its hard to wrinkle out every bug at times.
I will try to fix this as well in the next iteration, thanks for your feedback again.
Hello Ken. I have probably bad news. The 1969 error seems to be a problem on GP side, therefore I can't fix it. See this thread:
That's the problem I'm having.
Ok thanks. There is nothing you can do about it - agreed.
I'll keep in mind this Google issue when setting dates.

Your feedback is much appreciated anyway :) Have a nice day
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