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The program doesnt' start anymore.

Good afternoon.
Suddenly, the program doesn't start anymore.
I just get the "autosplitter loading" window and nothing happens.
Tried to restart pc, uninstall, reinstall, run in compatibility mode, run as administrator, nothing seem to fix the issue.
(Scanner is not even connected at the moment, I was working with pre-scanned files)
Hello Stefano. I'm sorry about this issue. Please try this:
1) press Windows+E to open File Explorer
2) copypaste this path into the address bar: %appdata%\Chimera\AutoSplitter
3) find the file AutoSplitter.ini and AutoSplitter_BaseName.ini (file Type: Configuration settings) and attach it to an email and send it to me to {email removed}
4) delete these files and start AutoSplitter. All your settings will be lost, but hopefully this will fix the issue.
5) optionally, delete the bank5 folder, if there is one.

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