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Dual click to adjust edge of shape

Hi there,
I recently bought your software and I like it very much, it's the best for what I needed.
Just a quick question or suggestion:
Is it possible to add an option in the settings (maybe not everyone will like this feature) to adjust the shape of the split with a double click , and not with a click and hold ??
I mean it is much practical and easier (at least for me) to make one click on an edge ,move the mouse to the desired position, and then click again where you want it. It's much easier to fine adjust the desired position of the mouse if you are not constrained by holding the click button. Click to select edge - click again to new position. I'm just saying.
Thank you, and I hope maybe this feature will be implemented.
Have a wonderful day.
Hello Alin. Thanks a lot for the great feedback. I will consider adding this editing feature in the future.
Have a nice evening.
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