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AutoSplitter and Linux


I have installed Autosplitter in my Linux distro POP OS running through Wine.
Everything seems to work as normal however it is not correctly picking up my scanner. I have an Epson V39 Scanner.

Are there plans to support your app in Linux? This is a great product and would love to see this app working in Linux.

In case you are wondering, I have moved to Linux as the big players in this industry are getting to close for my comfort, not to mention that Gates is getting too close to kids.


Ken Bernard

Hello Ken

Thanks for the feedback. Only Windows support is planned at the moment, though it would be great to expand to Mac as well.
I have no proficiency with Linux at all, but some customers reported that they managed to use the software under Wine. Maybe there is some extra setup step necessary to properly connect the hardware to the emulator.

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