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Stopped Finding Scanner

I was scanning pictures and all of a sudden it stopped finding my printer. Printer is connected and active, Can scan from other programs just fine, Uninstalled and Reinstalled, still having problem. Program is paid for and registered. Tried restarting computer. Successfully scanned hundreds of pictures until now.
Hello Dominic. I'm sorry about this problem. What is the error message you get when this happens?
Do you have both WIA and TWAIN interface for the device in the scanner selection dialog? Can you please try both interfaces? (click black triangle under the Scan button to find the scanner selection dialog)

I don't get an error message it is just blank. When I click scan it says no devices on system. It does not show me WIA or TWAIN options. It used to have my printer under WIA.
Hello Dominic. This is very strange. Are you using any antivirus software? What happens if you start AutoSplitter with the antivirus disabled? I suspect something is blocking devices from the software for some reason.
No antivirus software, tried disabling firewall and all device protection services I could find and restarted program, still doesn't show anything.
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