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Scan not if full resolution

Hello, I just purchased this program. I just want to know how to scan in full quality and size. I scanned with the HP printer and the size was quite large. How do I get the full size?
Hello Gerald.

You can change the selected DPI (scanning resolution) anytime. See the small black triangle under the Scan button - you can find the Scanner/DPI selector dialog there.
You can pick any preset DPI (300, 600, 900) or set a custom DPI. Some scanners have difficulties scanning at some resolutions, especially on WIA interface. Try both WIA and TWAIN interfaces, if both are available. WIA usually supports 1200 DPI as well, that should be high enough to show all minor details.

If you want to preserve full quality, choose TIFF fileformat for output. That fileformat will compress the image without any loss in quality. JPEG compression causes a bit of quality loss, but you can avoid that with TIFF.

Image size of the scanned photo using the HP Smart app is 600 kb while the photo scanned using this program is only 382 kb. Any ideas on how I can get the same size as the HP scanned photo.?
File size is only a good metric if the file format is the exact same. Compare image resolution instead. Resolution should go up when the DPI is set to a higher value. AutoSplitter scans at 300 DPI by default, which isn't a very high resolution.
How do I go to the WIA?
Scanner/DPI selector dialog will let you choose WIA and/or TWAIN interface if available on your system. If not available, installing the freshest version of your scanner's driver can sometimes provide access to both interfaces.
This is how the scanner selector looks if you have both interfaces:
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