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Software freezes while scanner operates

Intermittently while scannining over USB via TWAIN, the AutoSplitter software will freeze. The physical scanner is still operating making noises, but the software cannot be used and must be killed via task manager. I have tried using 300 DPI instead of 600, it still will intermitently freeze. Please advise, thanks.
Hello David. I'm sorry about this. Please try these steps:
- select and use WIA scanner interface (see little black triangle under the Scan button) if available
- reboot Windows if it wasn't recently rebooted
- uninstall the scanner device via Windows Device Manager and reinstall the latest drivers

Hi Zolta, David here. I have tried WIA and still get the same error. The error persists after hard and soft resets of windows. The error also persists after I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the appropriate epson drivers. Please advise, thanks.
I'm afraid I can't give any better advice. Does this happen when you scan with the Epson's own software?
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