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Ability to save 16bit tiffs

Hello, I wanted to ask about possibility to save cropped photos as 16bit TIFFs - 16bit input is accepted with no problem, but output is only 8bit. The case is not usual, I have a lot of old photos with faded colors, so 16bit is neccessary for postedit/color restoration without banding. Is there a chance to add 16bit .tiff as output?:) Regards, Adam
Hello. Thanks for the feedback. The sad truth is that saving 16bit tiff seems to be impossible with the development tool I'm using. Maybe there is a way to do it, but I should have to put a lot of effort and investigation into this. I've already spent hours (several times) trying to find a solution and there is nothing. I'll keep trying to find a solution and add this function in the near future, but I can't promise anything.
Thank you for the answer:) After submitting this ticket I realized (and then tested) "revitalized color" feature - it works nearly in exact way what I was going to do manually in GIMP:D I suppose that internat processing is done in 16bit then? I checked a histogram of one of the corrected outputs, it looks smooth, without gaps, like proccessed in native bit depth, and then truncated to 8 bit:) I will do more testing etc., maybe the 16-bit output won't be neccessary at all:)
Internally it's 8 bits as the scanners also return 8bit data.
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