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Blue screen crash and now software is stuck on Loading screen

The software blue screened the OS and then the machine restarted. On restart the software was stuck on the Loading screen and wouldn't continue and farther. I've restarted the machine multiple times, and even uninstalled + reinstalled the software. Same result.
Hello Curtis. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the problem. Did you use Batch Detection (multiple files at once)? Sometimes that feature causes configuration to be stuck in an unstable state and prevents program startup. It's being investigated. Please do the following:

1) uninstall the software
2) Open a Windows File Explorer, go to %appdata%\Chimera\ and delete the complete AutoSplitter folder and all its subfolders.
3) reinstall the software

Thanks! This resolved my issue.
Hello Curtis, that's great news. Have a nice day.
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