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Name taken problem.

I am in the process of scanning thousands of family pictures. It is working pretty good but one issue that I have is that some pictures have dates or descriptions, and when I type the title I often have the problem of the name being taken. Is there an option to automatically add "(2)" if the title is taken? If there is not this would be a useful feature so manual entry is not required. It would be nice if it went through a script of "Chosen Title (2)", "Chosen Title (3)", "Chosen Title (4)", until an available name is found.
Hello Dominic

Version 1.14.6 has been released now. Please download and install.
* I've added a new option at the botton of Preferences/Base filenames tab to allow automatic file renaming. The default behavior has not changed, you need to enable the auto-rename feature. Captions may not always follow the auto renames, but I hope that is not a showstopper.
* Filenames can be used as default captions again.

I'll close your other ticket which should also be fixed with this update. I'm awaiting your feedback on both issues in here.

Both features are working great. Thank you very much this will help me speed up the process quite a bit. I appreciate the timely support. It is okay that the caption does not include the suffix as well, as it is unnecessary to have it in a caption anyways. My only recommendation is that the automatic renaming should start with (2) instead of (1), since the original does not have a number. Right now it will save as "Chosen Title", "Chosen Title (1)", "Chosen Title (2)", whereas it should go "Chosen Title", "Chosen Title (2)", "Chosen Title (3)". It is not a big deal at all but just a recommendation if it is easy to do so.
Thanks for your feedback. I'll keep this open for a while in case you experience any issues after the changes.
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