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Error WIA -1 when scanning 1200 DPI

Sometimes (I think when it takes more time to scan, I get the following error:
Scanning has been interrupted by error
Device name: HP Deskjet 5520 series
Error code: WIA -1

I've clicked in "Abort" and I have tried again, with success. But I get this error all the time!
Hello Edy. I'm sorry for this issue, not all devices are 100% compatible with interface standards and probably my software isn't 100% compatible with these standards either. Have you tried to click Scanner/DPI button and see if there is another scanner device entry with TWAIN in the list? If there is, please try scanning using this TWAIN interface. If twain also fails at 1200, try to decrease to 1150. (WIA does not allow 1150 unfortunately.)
Unfortunately, there isn't any TWAIN interface.

Anyway, whenever the error occurs, I've been scanning the photos using another program (Windows builtin one) and splitting the photos using AS.

Thank you.
Is it possible to this issue be related with some kind of timeout with the scanning interface? Is there a way to increase it?
I've googled up the drivers quickly but the webpage doesn't explicitly state wheter it's TWAIN or WIA only. Anyway, if you didn't try this yet, maybe it's worth checking for a driver update. I'm sorry I could not provide more help regarding this.
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