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Batch scanning

Everything is working fine, maybe it's just me who is not getting how one thing is done or maybe it just can't be done.
Example : suppose I have 20 pictures from the same event.
I put let's say 4 of them on the scanner and acquire.
I get my four splits and they get renamed "event-1, 2,3 4".
Now, when I put the next four in the scanner, is there a way to keep automatically increasing the name counting?
Cause when I start a new acquisition the splits are not added under the ones I already have on screen, but everything starts from scratch and I will have file named "event-1,2,3,4" every time, so I have to rename them manually.
Thank you
and best regards.

Stefano Lugo
Hello Stefano. Please see Options/Preferences/Base filenames dialog.
Set the Base name as "event" or anything you want and then all scanned images will be named eventXXX. You can access the base filename dialog quickly by clicking the black triangle above the Rename splits button that is right below the scanned image.

Ok, now I see it. I was looking at the last two digits. Being the split number they reset every time. Instead, is obviously the scan number that increases.
Thank you very much

Hello Stefano, you're welcome.
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