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GDI+ Error - Out of memory pop-up after loading tiff files bigger than ~750MB

I run into this error testing A3 batch scan - and also tried the same file converted to png, but I suppose the image resolution is too big (scans are in 1200dpi). There is a possibility to slightly increase image buffer?
Hello. Thanks for the feedback. I upsized some random tiff image to 600 and 6000 MB. The 600 MB opened just fine and autodetection and saving worked properly. 6000 MB didn't open at all, giving an error message of file being blocked. Where do you get the memory error? Are individual images detected, cropped before the error happens?
The software already uses a memory extender module to maximize ram access. I have 32 GB ram, maybe that lets me open bigger ones.
Hello, thanks for reply. I tried to check margins now - 700MB file loads just fine, 780MB file does not. Additionally, I tried load 48bit 1GB file - it works fine. So maybe it is resolution related? File which does not load has 19000x13900 resolution, the one working 19300x13500 (generally, I have two sets of images in these resolutions). And memory error apears maybe 1 second after choosing image form file picker or drag&drop
Sorry, quick redo, I misread resolution values - the one which does not work - 19800x14600
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