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Autosplitter not setting the correct scan dpi

Hello there! Loving the split function, but the software isn't setting the correct dpi on my scanner in twain or wia mode. Happy to send you some examples, but I can tell based on the speed of the scan that my scanner always seems to run at about 300 dpi even if I set it to 900 or 1200. In the default windows scan app I can set 1200 and get 1200.
For now I'm just scanning full pages of pics in the Windows Scan app and importing into AutoSplitter, but would be great to have it all in one program. Happy to test if you need.
Hello Richard. Thanks for the feedback. Some scanners don't work so well with the software, there are 2 ways to fix it.
Go to Scanner dialog (little back triangle under Scan button) and try these:
1) See if you have multiple scanner devices. Usually there are 2 entries for a single scanner, one with WIA and another with TWAIN interface. Try both. If there is only one, try to update the scanner's driver from the manufacturer's website.
2) Try a custom scanning quality, then you can set the DPI to any value. Some customers report that setting something like 1190 DPI will work properly.

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