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My scanner is A3 and photos are being cut off.

I can't find an option to set scanner to A3
Hello Dermot. I'm sorry about this problem. AutoSplitter always tries to use the whole scanner area.
I suggest these steps to fix this:
* Find the little black triangle under the Scan button. This will let you launch the scanner selection dialog. Most scanners offer WIA and TWAIN interface as well, try both interfaces.
* Find the scanner's official webpage, download and install a fresh device driver software. You may need to reboot again and/or select the scanner device in AutoSplitter as seen in the previous step.
* In the worst case you can scan using the scanner's official software and save the images. AutoSplitter can open a folder full of scanned images at once and you can review & process these individually afterwards.

Absolutely brilliant that you responded so quickly on Boxing day. Thank you for that.

I had tried both methods of scanning, WIA and TWAIN. WIA would not complete a scan but failed mid-way through on several occasions.

The TWAIN method worked, but only scanned an A4 area of my scanner.

Based on your mention of “Drivers”, I have since reinstalled your software and rebooted my computer, and the WIA method now works perfectly.

Thank you.
Hello Dermot. Great news, I'm glad it's working properly now :)
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