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Is your software suitable for my needs

I want to scan many 6X4 in batches of four photos that will fit on the scanner glass as individual files. They vary in lightness and contrast etc. I need them to match the originals perfectly. When I scan them individually I get perfect results but it is very long winded.If I set the scanner to scan all four at once it averages the exposure and this isn't good enough.
Also I need to scan them at very high resolution around 4000 dpi which again my scanner can do at 6X4 individually but it can't cope with that dpi if all four are scanned at once. Does autosplitter work so I can get perfect individual scans 6X4 at 4000 dpi? I use a Mac but I do have Parrellels desktop so I can use Windows applications in needed. Thank you. Peter
Sorry for the long message above. If you need an image to get an idea of what I'm dealing with, just let me know. Thanks.
Ray Dittenhoefer,
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