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Change rotation reference point

Good morning! I have been using AutoSplitter since yesterday, and I'm quite satisifed with it so far. One issue I've encountered is that I'm having trouble perfectly aligning the photos on the flatbed scanner, so there's always a little bit of an angle. I know we can manually rotate them, but so far it appears to only be around the centre of the split. Would it be possible to add a user-defineable rotation pivot (the whole split rotates around that point), or at least the ability to "anchor" one of the corners so the split rotates around it instead of the centre?

Thank you!
Hello Alexis. Great feedback, thank you. How about this:
If you hold Ctrl while grabbing the corner of a photo, you would rotate the photo around the opposite corner instead of the middle of the photo?
This would be fairly easy to develop and I'd add this in a release in the nearby future,

Hello Zoltán, I like the idea of rotating around the opposite corner, especially if combined with the popup zoom so you can be extra-precise. I'm also a big fan of keyboard shortcuts as you propose!
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