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Change background colour in Extracted Splits area

Would it be possible to have an option to change the background colour in the "Extracted Splits" area (to the right of "Scanned Image")? The reason for this is that it would be easier to visually detect whether I've not cropped an image enough, leaving white edges around it. If the Extracted Splits has the option of showing a dark background (or any user-selectable colour), these white edges around the split would be visible. Right now they blend in with the white background and are very hard to see.

Hello Alexis. The software doesn't exactly know the boundaries between photo and background, therefore I can't show such highlights. If the software was so perfect in detecting these boundaries, then you would not need manual adjustments to get a perfect result :) The popup zoom window that pops up when you grab the edge of a scanned image will let you finetune cropping accurately.

Hello Zoltán, apologies, I think I didn't correctly explain what I meant. I'm assuming that the Extracted splits (on the right side) have well-known boundaries since they've already been processed by the program and reviewed by the user. It is only on that area that I'm wondering if we can change the background colour which is currently white. I modified a screenshot of the program to illustrate the suggestion, please have a look at it here:

Note how the right side has a non-white background that makes it much easier to see the insufficiently-cropped splits, so the user can adjust the splits until the excess edges are removed from the splits.

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