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AutoSplitter support tickets opened by customers, answered by the software author. Search this section to find answers to your problems with the software.

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DateIncident description
2023-09-03Autosplitter no longer dates the file to the date I set, only the current date.
2023-07-10JPEG to JPG
2023-05-19How can I add GPS coordinates to photo
2023-05-18"Cropping" after image rotation
2023-04-18Is it possible to remove or edit captions on the picture?
2023-03-11Is your software suitable for my needs
2022-12-04Date format
2022-10-31Takes hours to start, to load photos and to save splits
2022-10-14Demo version works - Registerd version doesn't work
2022-07-14was finding all splits on a previously scanned image, but not now
2022-06-15Scanned image zoom?
2022-06-11Software is only capturing a portion of the bed
2022-02-02Process multiple photos with Preserve Splits option checked
2022-01-19Software freezes while scanner operates
2021-12-13No photos detected
2021-12-12I keep getting message that the file name exists
2021-08-23Auto add titles as captions stopped working with update.
2020-04-17metadata issues
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