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Support ticket knowledge base

AutoSplitter support tickets opened by customers, answered by the software author. Search this section to find answers to your problems with the software.

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DateIncident description
2023-05-24DIA scan possible in the future?
2023-03-26Change background colour in Extracted Splits area
2023-03-26Change rotation reference point
2022-12-10Ability to scan 11X17 ( ledger)
2022-12-04Filenames not very useful
2022-12-03A "dark" theme is needed....
2022-11-29Bounding boxes a little off - suggestion
2022-10-13Dual click to adjust edge of shape
2022-05-07Captioning whole batch
2022-02-03Decrease the threshold of the split area
2022-01-18Virus Total Flagging
2021-12-19i scan picture with the watermark and i would like to take it off
2021-12-05Tags, drag and drop, folder, sharpen
2021-11-21AutoSplitter and Linux
2021-08-23Name taken problem.
2020-04-02Metadata placement
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