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Basics of scanning multiple photos

Scan multiple photos at once, then split divide separate crop them automatically with this utility Scanning multiple photos at once is sometimes referred as batch scanning, mass scanning or bulk scanning. Most people haven't heard about it, but the concept is pretty simple. Any flatbed scanner can digitize multiple photos at once. This is the best way to copy old photos to digital format. There is enough room on the document bed for 3-5 photos.

Most batch scanning software require photos to be placed in the exact same places in each pass. That is not necessarily hard to comply if your photos are uniform size. But they usually come in different sizes.

The solution is easy: you must select and crop each photo individually after each scan. This is best done with some photo scanning software like AutoSplitter.

Before you begin, it's useful to get to know the basics of scanning. Let's discuss the terms.
How does AutoSplitter work?
This software will try to detect and separate photos in a scanned image. It's using sophisticated heuristic algorithms to find out where are the photos located and how to crop and straighten them. Basically it is looking for the corners of the photos and trying to match the corners belonging to the same photo, creating a rectangular cropping region. Therefore if you want to increase the accuracy of AutoSplitter, follow these guidelines: Protocols: AutoSplitter can use both WIA and TWAIN protocols as of v1.4.0 thus it should work with any and all scanners. Windows XP systems need the WIA SDK to be installed to use the WIA protocol. More recent Windows versions employ WIA interface by default. AutoSplitter will install this SDK automatically (if necessary), you don't need to worry about it. Devices of both protocols will be listed in the same dropdown list in the scanner setup dialog of the software.
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