Scan multiple photos then split, crop and straighten them automatically

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DIY photo scanning

There is always a better way to do it. If you ever wondered how to scan photos efficiently, AutoSplitter will probably help you a great deal.

Here's how we want to help you scan all your old photos.


AutoSplitter photo scanning software was created to make scanning photos at home much faster and easier. Over the years we have matured the software by adding lots of features that will prove useful for most users.

The software will let you scan multiple photos at once, and then it will detect individual photos and save them to separate image files.

Sounds easy and simple, doesn't it? These features will help you make the most of your old photos:

Scan at home - preserve your privacy

Scanning services will scan and crop your photos for you, but the costs are fairly high. The photos will be seen and handled by strangers. Preserve your privacy - scan the photos yourself. Strangers also cannot add captions and date stamps to your memories, that's something only you can do.

Rich feature list

Besides the major features we have already discussed, there are several others to help your work.
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