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Scan multiple photos and crop them automatically with this software

Scan and crop multiple photos at once with this Windows utility If you have ever struggled with scanning multiple photos and cropping them, you are in the right place.

AutoSplitter is a sofware that was built for just this task. In the summer of 2012, I have received a big cardboard box full of old family photos from my mother. I have seen it before, but this time I wanted to digitize them for eternity. I wanted my daughter to see them we she'll be a young parent. I wanted her to show the photos to my grandchildren. So I started to scan and crop photos manually, one-by-one. Later on I learned that my flatbed scanner can divide and crop scanned images automatically. My discovery quickly turned into disappointment when the scanner software kept on failing. No splits at all. Nice bride split in half. (OUCH!) Partial splits. There was no manual adjusment possibility, so I was forced to give up.

There must be a software for this! I've started googling but in vain. I could not find such software. I really liked the idea and being a software developer myself, I have started creating my own photo splitter utility. Months have passed, and here is the product. I hope you will have success separating your photos with it and your grandchildren will see how your family lived decades ago :)
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Download AutoSplitter now!