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Photo scanning guide

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AutoSplitter can process scanned images in several ways. This tutorial describes each method.

There are 4 methods.
1) scan and autodetect
2) scan and define splits manually
3) scan and reuse cropping areas
4) batch process pre-scanned files

Which method should you choose? It depends on your situation. Generally, if you haven't yet scanned your photos, you should aim for method #1. If you have, method #4. The other two methods are workarounds for bad situations. Let's review each one.

Scan and autodetect

Click here for a more detailed guide on automatic scanning and how to improve detection accuracy.
If you have a flatbed scanner, you haven't scanned your photos yet and you can put your photos individually on your scanner, then probably this is the method that you need. You may need to adjust the detected splits individually. This should work well in most scenarios. However if autodetection fails very often, you have 2 options:

Scan and define splits manually

Open a short guide on manual photo scanning and cropping.
Turn off automatic detection in the Options / Calibration dialog. The software will stop trying to find photos. You will have to add all photos manually with the Add Split button (shortcut: INSERT).

Scan and reuse cropping areas

Click for instructions on how to reuse photo cropping areas efficiently.
Group your photos by size. Put 4 photos in the scanner - one in each corner. Scan once, adjust splits manually. Check the "Preserve splits" checkbox above the left panel. Save photos, then put the next 4 photos in the corners and repeat the Scan - Save process. You will not have to worry about detection and adjustment while your similar-sized photos last. The cropping regions will be retained through scans and since you always have the same sized photos in the same places, the cropping will be fine. You will have to adjust the cropping regions when you change photo sizes. That's why you should group them by size before you start - you will need less adjustments.

Batch process pre-scanned files

In this case you have a lot of pre-scanned image files each containing several photos. AutoSplitter can open multiple files at once - even a whole folder - and detect all photos in all the files in one session.
If you have scanned the photos in ideal conditions - even background on a flatbed scanner - then most of the work will be done automatically. You can review the batch detection in thumbnails on the left side of the screen. Double click the thumbnail to open for adjustment and change cropping areas if necessary. See this tutorial for further details on how to extract pre-scanned photos from multiple files.

Don't forget to backup your photo collection after you have finished. Save to disc and/or online cloud backup. Safety first!
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