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Scanning guide: reuse cropping areas

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This scanning method is very tricky and guarantees 100% detection rate and very accurate cropping. However it needs a little preparation. You need to group your photos by size. You will have to use 4 photos of the exact same size for each scan.
This is how you use the 4 corners method:
  1. Put 4 photos of the exact same size in each corner of the scanner's window
  2. Click Scan
  3. If autodetection was inaccurate, adjust cropping areas manually.
  4. Find the checkbox Preserve splits just above the left panel. Set this checkbox.
  5. Place the next 4 photos in each corner - remember, they must be the exact same size and must be oriented like the first set of photos.
  6. Click Scan
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until you run out of the similar size photos
  8. Prepare the next set of same-sized photos
  9. Disable Preserve splits and start over from step #1.
If Preserve splits option is active, the cropping areas should be preserved across sessions, you can exit and restart the software and not lose the definitions.
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